Cutting-edge Web Marketing Ad Campaigns Trump Industry Standard

Los Angeles, California - (October 25, 2011) - Dealertown, a subsidiary of MATRIX Consultants, and Casale Media, a leading online media and technology company, have partnered to craft a creative technical marketing strategy that enables dealerships to reach a target audience of potential buyers locally or nationally. This innovative new Internet marketing program, Local Auto Buyer Advertising (LAB-AD) tailors online advertising messaging to dealer-specific target market criteria.

Using a dealership's choice of ZIP code(s), city, DMA, state or collection of different locations, LAB-AD now gives dealers the option of affordably reaching out to millions of potential buyers. Through Internet advertisements, dealerships can target audiences based on purchase intentions, current lease information, age, income, dealer loyalty and a multitude of other criteria, including availability based on audience & market sizes.

"Capturing the attention of online shoppers in an overcrowded and noisy Internet marketplace can be a real challenge," said Mike Cline, President of MATRIX Consultants. "We crafted this buyer targeting solution to cut through the clutter and rise above the noise and speak directly to intended audiences. By customizing the online creative with the specific target market criteria, we drive potential in-market car buyers to those individual dealerships."

"We are pleased to offer this new program in partnership with Matrix, a firm that is highly focused on the Automotive & Offroad vehicle marketplace for dealers and super-regional groups," says Joe Casale, CEO and Founder of Casale Media. "Casale Media is committed to bringing accessible, high quality online Video & Media display products to the Autos marketplace that generate outstanding ROI for marketers in the most privacy-friendly & Brand-Safe manner possible. Our solution benefits Dealers by making it easy to extend the shelf life of assets created for television by quickly and cost-effectively repurposing them into highly-targeted online campaigns that include all the new social media tools and interactivity today's audiences expect. The results we have seen from our other Autos programs, and the early successes of the Auto Buyer Targeting Program with Matrix Consultants, speak to our ability to effectively reach buying ‘intenders' in the Automotive marketplace."

LAB-AD offers advantages to dealerships selling autos, motorcycles and other recreational vehicles. The program is available in three different packages based on market size and dealership location. Customized packages are also available upon request, giving dealers the option to create a campaign that suits their specific needs.

A dealer has the option of replacing regular banner ads with social media-friendly banner ads that direct users to a dealership's Facebook page, Twitter page or YouTube channel. Casale Media's new Videobox ad units are also available for higher-level packages, which can accommodate custom dealership commercials, videos, social media links & more.

To learn more about the significant benefits of LAB-AD, contact Dealertown at (323) 766-0732 ext.116 or go to The Dealertown website provides greater detail on how LAB-AD works along with an application form.

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Since 2003, Casale Media has been redefining the standard for online media quality, ad delivery management and media optimization technologies with premium services that generate measurable success for all stakeholders in media and marketing. CasaleX, the industry's first true premium exchange with real-time bidding, is a high quality, brand-safe media marketplace that gives publishing partners maximum control and advertisers premium impressions from 3,000 of Casale Media's actively monitored publishing customers. The company's premium advertising network, MediaNet®, is used by eight of the top 10 U.S. online display advertisers and reaches nearly 70 percent of the U.S. online audience. One of the leading independent online media companies, Casale Media is guided by its dedication to needs-based development and quality-focused culture. More information is available at

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